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The Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF) was started as a non-profit in 2018 with the idea of creating a league that promotes competitive shooting sports between Canadian Universities and Colleges. I had revived the Trap and Skeet Club at Carleton University in my last year of school and loved going out every weekend to blast clays with my newfound teammates.

After having this amazing experience with the club, I knew that I wanted to give back and help other schools develop their own competitive shooting programs. I envisioned a league where every post secondary institution in Canada could field a team and compete against each other in a variety of disciplines. After contacting a variety of organizations, I pulled together a couple passionate shooters and started the CUSF.

Our organization has grown immensely since then, with a ton of interest from schools across Canada. We are helping these new teams get started, enabling existing clubs to grow and prosper, and managing the Canadian University Trap and Skeet League. With a Smallbore Postal Program also running across the country, 2020 is an exciting year for the future of sport shooting!

– David Fahlman, President

Ken Nener

Ken Nener is an engineer in the Ottawa area, with a design background in aerospace and defense electronics. Ken was introduced to the shooting sports as a young boy by his father, but it was an invitation to the range by a co-worker in 1990 (thanks Andy!).

Ken’s favorite pastimes are taking first-time shooters to the range, and doing authentic restorations of tired or neglected milsurp rifles (and the occasional Cooey).

Dave Fahlman

Dave Fahlman is the President and co-founder of the Canadian University Shooting Federation. He graduated from Carleton University in 2018 with a MSc in Electrical Engineering. Having been involved in the leadership of a variety of student clubs, particularly the Carleton Trap and Skeet Team, he had the idea of continuing supporting his teams after school ends. 

By unifying the shooting clubs across Canada and encouraging the formation of new teams, other students could have the same great experience that he received in University!

Michael Stone

Michael Stone co-founded AMS Shooting Sports at UBC in 2017. He graduated UBC in 2019 and handed the club off to new students who are set for success. Michael is an active IPSC, 3 Gun, and PRS shooter.

He is also getting started in waterfowl hunting and is looking forward to big game hunting in the future. His role as the CUSF’s Club Director is focused on supporting current clubs and helping new clubs get started.

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Nicolas Brown

Nicolas Brown is the Director of Finance for the CUSF, and an accountant in the Edmonton area. He has a background in payroll and non-profit governance. An avid community volunteer, he enjoys giving back and helping build worthy causes. Nicolas currently serves on several non-profit boards and has held previous board positions with a number of organizations. As a student, he was heavily involved on campus, including serving in club leadership roles and participating in prominent volunteer programs.

Nicolas graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 2016 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Accounting. He holds the Certified in Management (C.I.M.) designation from the Canadian Institute of Management, the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification from the Canadian Payroll Association, and is currently registered as a CPA PEP candidate, pursuing the Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

Cody Shilliday

Cody Shilliday is the Director of Communication for the CUSF. Cody was introduced to shooting when he was 7 years old by his father and was immediately in love. Having shot casually on his own for a few years Cody was introduced to the world of structured, competitive shooting through the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and was bitten by the competition bug. While at Carleton University Cody wanted to continue shooting and got involved with the Carleton Firearms Association where he was on the executive team and helped introduce more students to the world of shooting through their range days.

After graduating Carleton University in 2019 with a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice Cody was brought on to the CUSF as a Community Liaison before moving to the role of Director of Communication. Cody maintains his passion for shooting and introducing new people to the sport.

Mason McHugh

Mason McHugh is the Vice President for the Canadian University Shooting Federation and the former President of both the Carleton University Firearms Association (CFA) and Carleton Shotgun Team. He has been a member of the CFA for over three years.

Mason was first introduced to firearms at the age of nine by his neighbor who took him hunting. A couple of years later, he obtained his PAL and RPAL and entered into shooting sports and competitive shooting. Over the years, Mason has also expanded his interest into studying the history and collecting of historical firearms. Mason hopes to use his experience in running campus clubs to promote the shooting sport programs, and ensure firearms safety among students.

Emily Brown

Emily Brown is a professor of Mathematics at a GTA college, and has a background in linguistics, chemical engineering and education.  She has lived and worked in Ontario, Alberta and abroad.  She is the mother of two grown sons. Emily was introduced to the shooting sports when her father became groundskeeper and manager at the Peel Gun Club in Brampton, Ontario, where she ran the shoot office as her part time job. She was asked if she wanted to give shooting a try, and she was hooked! Of the three disciplines on offer at Peel, Emily honed in quickly on trapshooting, loving the thrill of breaking moving targets.

Now some 47 yeas later, Emily still competes and shoots thousands of targets every year, earning several provincial and national titles.

Given the significance of the shooting sports in her life, Emily lends her enthusiastic support to several sporting organizations, sitting on the Boards of the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association, the Ontario Council of Shooters, and the Canadian Trapshooting Association, in addition to the Canadian University Shooting Federation, so that others can enjoy her passion. Her favourite activity is introducing novice shooters to the shooting sports, especially women and youth!

Travis Mitchell

Travis Mitchell is the Programs Director for the Canadian University Shooting Federation and graduated with an M.Sc. in Earth Sciences from Carleton University in 2012. A firearms possession and acquisition license was required for field work undertaken in Canada’s High Arctic during Travis’s time in university, which has since developed into a passion for everything firearms related. Travis enjoys teaching others and believes developing safe firearms skills is essential to the future success of the shooting sports in Canada.

Travis is a registered Professional Geoscientist who works in the aggregate industry in Eastern Ontario. When not shooting or teaching, Travis enjoys being outdoors with his family.

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Timothy Girgis

Timothy Girgis brings with him 20+ years experience in computer science, business consulting and management. Timothy loves all things technology-related and is an experienced hunter. Intentional is the best way to describe Timothy – he brings this value to everything he does, down to the last detail. He has successfully managed technology projects all over the world, working with teams from a myriad of backgrounds.

Timothy has been recognized as a visual artist by the Canada Council for the Arts for his work in analog photography.  Timothy has hunted in Europe, participates in IDPA and looks forward to ORA when it comes back.

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