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Carleton University Trap and Skeet Team

The Skeet Team is comprised of a group of dedicated shooters within the Shotgun Club who are working to increase their proficiency in the sport to be able to compete at a competitive level.  At least once a week the team assembles at the Stittsville Shooting Ranges to develop their proficiency with the assistance of Dean Herzberg, an experience Skeet coach.  The goal of the Skeet Team is to develop shooters to a level where they can compete independently or on a team after their time at Carleton.  We hope that by providing students with the appropriate amount of range time and coaching that they will continue to pursue and develop within the sport later in their lives.

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Carleton University’s Shotgun Club

As a university club, we provide students with an opportunity to experience trap and skeet shooting in a safe and controlled environment.  Our goal for the club is to educate new shooters about firearms safety, to teach them about the basics of shotgun sports and to provide them with enough support to develop a proficiency in shooting.  Students new to shooting are provided with one-on-one lessons on firearms safety and operation.  We hope that by introducing people to the sport that will gain sufficient motivation and interest to further develop their skills to qualify becoming a member of the Skeet Team.

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