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Stay-at-Home 10 meter Air Rifle Competition

Welcome to the Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF) 2020 Stay-at-Home 10 meter Air Rifle Competition! This competition was created to allow Canadian high school and post-secondary students to partake in competitive shooting sports in an informal range environment.

The event is based on the Olympic-style International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) 10-meter air rifle shooting discipline and will be completed using .177/4.5 mm pellet rifles. CUSF rules and print-out targets will be used throughout this competition and will feature relaxed rules and provide greater accessibility to all students!

We are also very excited to announce that TESRO Canada, an Ottawa based competition shooting equipment provider, will be providing prizes for this competition. The competition will be open to all Canadian students who have a CUSF membership and will run until August 31 2020.

Our mission is to allow students to maintain their participation in shooting sports in a fun, affordable, accessible and competitive way while practicing social distancing. This competition is open to any Canadian high school and university/college students, so tell your friends and family to get involved!

Criteria for Entry

All entrants must:

  • Currently be enrolled as a student of a Canadian high school/post-secondary institution. 
  • Hold a CUSF membership (see to purchase)
  • Have access to a .177/4.5mm air rifle. Note: The CUSF can help provide lender air rifles.
  • Have access to a 10 m distance to shoot in +1.5-2 m to lie prone.

Prizes and Awards

1st Place – $50 Tesro gift card + CUSF sticker + printable certificate.

2nd Place – $30 Tesro gift card + CUSF sticker + printable certificate.

3rd Place – $20 Tesro gift card + CUSF sticker + printable certificate.

The winners of this match will be proclaimed Canadian University Air Rifle Summer Semester Individual Champions and will be mentioned on our social media. Contact us if you would like a shoutout! (ie. IG, FB, TikTok, etc…)

Each additional target entry ( enters you are another chance to win more prizes!

So I didn’t win… now what? Every competitor will receive a CUSF sticker as an appreciation of their participation and will be entered into a draw for swag and equipment donated from the CUSF and Tesro Canada! Prizes will range from pellets, marksmanship swag, CUSF shirts, to the dust collecting in the back of Tesro’s warehouse! Okay maybe not, but everyone has a chance to win!

As Easy as 1,2,3… 

  1. Read this guide carefully and tell yourself you will give it a shot 😊.
  2. Go to our webstore to purchase a CUSF membership ( and competition (
  3. Go to and sign up for our competition.
  4. Print targets found below.
  5. Shoot your target at an appropriate location.
  6. Score your target – See Target Scoring in the competition guide below for more information.
  7. Submit your targets online at
  8. See your score online at
  9. Take photos! Everyone is encouraged to share their experience on social media. Don’t forget to tag the CUSF and use #CUSF! If you have pictures of this competition you want to share, submit them online at
  10. Unsatisfied with your submission? Purchase the target resubmission package ( online and submit your scores again!

All You Need to Get Started!

  1. Safety glasses 
  2. A .177/4.5 mm air rifle – Don’t have an air rifle? We got you covered! More information here.
  3. A printer.
  4. 10 m of suitable shooting space.


The competition will run throughout the summer and will allow ample time for students to shoot, submit their scores, and if wanted, reshoot! Here are some key dates for this competition:

  • Competition start: 7 June, 2020 – Competitors are welcome to submit their targets any time after this date.
  • Competition end: 31 Aug, 2020 – Last day for target submission.
  • Air rifles on loan returned: 31 Aug – 7 Sept, 2020 – Those who rented CUSF air rifles are expected to return them back to the CUSF.
  • Prizes shipped: 7 Sept, 2020 – Those who have won placed prizes and door prizes will have their respective swag sent to them. Note: Due to COVID-19, prizes may take longer than usual to arrive.


CUSF Membership

Air gun competition fees

Air gun signup

Photo submission

And be sure to check out our sponsor, Best of luck and good shooting!